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Thursday, September 18, 2014

What a BOOB.......

So Julianne Hough ex DWTS pro.
Made her debut as the 4th judge on DWTS.
She clearly is full of herself.
By that I don't mean her new rack, 
that no doubt was a parting gift,
 along with the house.
From Ryan Seacrest.
She is going to be a total boob ha ha...


T. W. said...

She has no place being a judge. I know my views are not popular but they are mine and what I said is my opinion. Time will tell if it becomes fact. You all will have tell me because I cannot get ABC on my TV due to no cable or satellite.

Patrick Ganley said...

What about the recent NFL scandals? Will there be any more? And how will they ultimately affect the NFL?

Christian Dion said...

You bet........CD

T. W. said...

The Panthers removed Greg Hardy from the active players list. NFL can't afford to turn a blind eye anymore. Maybe they should stop giving their players "supplements".

Anonymous said...

Yep don't think that it will work out on dwts...This show jumped the shark now...

Maureen said...

She might surprise you. She des know her stuff. Good thing Macks retired as she will not forgive him for sleeping with another while leading her on. Anyway I hope she does well. I don't know how a 4th judge will work out though. I don't know how being a BOOB is a disadvantage on the show. Hee!

Anonymous said...

CD do you get any sense of what's going on at Bardarbunga in Iceland, it's been out of the news but scientist are getting very concerned at the event unfolding there and the ongoing collapse of the caldera floor.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why she's famous, she literally has no talent.

T. W. said...

She was a good dancer on the show. She was in Rock of Ages movie. She had a country album (can't sing). She dated Ryan Seacrest.

Maureen said...

She knows dancing. She has paid her dues. She is blond and good looking and has won the competition twice. She really wants to be famous so she quit DWTS and had her "boyfriend" help her get into movies and music. She did not achieve her goal before Seacreast dumped her because he was really dating her brother and they had a falling out, or so the rumor goes. I don't know what fate has in store for her before she fades away, but I have to give her credit for being a talented dancer. She does have the credentials to judge. More than Carrie Ann and Bruno certainly. She has been on the dance circuit for years.

Anonymous said...

No she is a good dancer. Can't take it from her. But as a judge not buying it. Her brother is on the show, friends. .blah blah blah. ..jumped the shark

Anonymous said...

Christian YOU ATTACK her...yet her relationship with gay azz Seacrest in da closet has put her on the MAP. Why be a hateful cock sucking gay and just call it what it is...instead of hating on the VICTIM.