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Saturday, October 4, 2014

3,2,1 RUN..........

So Teresa & Joe Giudice,
have been given jail time.
Teresa starts her sentence in Jan 2015.
The judge deferred Joe's sentence,
 till after Teresa has served hers.
Big mistake.
He's going to wait till about, 
a month or so before she gets out.
Then he'll run.
Doesn't matter that he has surrendered,
 his passport he'll but another.


Anonymous said...

That's crazy .. Hope he doesn't there are 3 little girls and a Milania to take care of.

Anonymous said...


Isis struck again today any update on those F#ker$

Anonymous said...

Then again
If you are going to go to jail for 3.5 years then get deported. Why bother. Guy gone.. Lol

Anonymous said...

Oh my...This is going to get good. ..

T. W. said...

Wow. I have never seen the show so I am guessing there are children involved for them to serve time like that.

That pic is funny, let him be another country's problem.

Anonymous said...

I believe it - they're a pack of grifters.

Anonymous said...

They are swine. Just ugly discusting people inside who live for greed. I hope she serves more time after he ditches!

Anonymous said...

Christian why has Clooney hit the panic marriage button in light of Singer gay molesting sex scandal? He cant even get it up for Alma. Is it true he shit his pants on stage at some Hollywood event from tooo much fudge packing? !?!

Anonymous said...

Oh my those kids are going to suffer without their daddy

Anonymous said...

Christian, did Teresa participate in these crimes or did Joe orchestrate everything? Will Joe's attempted escape affect Teresa's sentence? I feel like she wasn't privy to all of this.

Christian Dion said...

She's as guilty as he is if notore cd

Anonymous said...

Hey CD will he divorce Thresesa??