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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Better watch out.......

Princess Beatrice daughter of Fergie & Andrew.
Is a little pissed off, 
at the better treatment Duchess Kate gets.
She's telling all and sundry,
she thinks she should be treated better.
To at least the level of Kate.
She better start to keep her mouth shut.
Or Grandma Lillibet,
will be sending her to the Tower.


T. W. said...

It could be true but she should talk to grandma not the world.

Anonymous said...

Is her sister as delusional as she is?

Anonymous said...

Wow. ..

Anonymous said...

Beatrice seems like a very sweet girl. However, Duchess Kate is married to a future king and the mother of the next-after-that-future-king - Kate is going to be at the heart of things for a long, long time. Kate should be given a lot of attention as she needs to prepare for an important role - Queen consort. Beatrice is sweet - but she'll never be Queen or close to it - so she needs to find some other purpose, no?

Anonymous said...

This wouldn't surprise me at all. I think a LOT of the female royals are green with envy over Kate. Kate and William are the superstars of that family and generate an unbelievable amount of money for the royal family each year; not to mention all of the pressure they have to withstand from the press. This young lady does need to keep her mouth shut--especially considering how scandalous her own parents have been in the past.

Anonymous said...


Mariefass said...

Silly little ingrate! Find a job, make a life of your own, and contribute something to society.It seems like she inherited Fergie's grasping tendencies.

Anonymous said...

Right on! !!!!