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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Closer than you think

I know that i have said this before.
But, Halle Berry is very close to splitting from her scumbag husband.
Olivier Martinez.................
She needs someone who respects her.
Not use her................


Anonymous said...

There were blinds that from the start that said he always had women on the side. I hope she does meet a kind man who treats her right.

T. W. said...

Oh yes. She needs to learn to love herself and to stop putting men first. That man looks sleazy.

auntliddy said...

And she do what she thinks is right and not worry about what anyone else thinks.

Anonymous said...

Hi Christian,
what are your thoughts on all the nude pictures being leaked from the hackers recently ?...

Anonymous said...

Any other A List break ups on the way?

Anonymous said...

She works and supports that bum
Another hot mess!!

Anonymous said...

Hey CD what about Jennifer and ben afflick? Any word on their relationship? ?

Anonymous said...

Halle Berry has always picked the wrong men. She will likely continue to do that even after this guy has left the scene.