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Monday, October 13, 2014


There a strange connection between,
 China and Wall St.
One is about to affect the other in a big way.
Over the last few years China,
 has being growing for sure.
The rich have become very rich.
The poor much poorer.
Now because the gap between the two,
 is so wide it can't be mended.
The growth in China,
 is about to come to  a screaming halt.
Which leads me to Wall St.
They are going to panic, in such a way.
It will make 1929 look like a kiddies tea party.
Without the cake............


T. W. said...

China owns a lot of treasury bonds. They may try to cash them in and the US doesn't have the money to pay in full. Do you see democracy coming to China?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

So you're saying we could potentially have a serious Depression here and around the world sometime soon?

Anonymous said...

Oh boy this can't be good how bad is it going to be? And out of curiousity, there are reports saying that The Mortal Instruments is going to be made into a TV series. Will be successful or tank?

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile Obama will go and play golf.....

Anonymous said...

I totally believe you. I have felt that the U.S. is not as stable economically as it might appear for a long time. Meaning the numbers have been manipulated to prop up the middle class and to avoid another recession if at all possible. But, that can't last....and sooner or later (like you've predicted) the real numbers will come out and it won't be pretty. I do not blame Obama. This goes way back before he came into office and he actually has reduced the US deficit by half (most people don't realize that) and there really isn't much he can do about this either. Hope people are saving their cash.

Anonymous said...

And the republicans will just blame him and do shit

Danesha Holmes said...

I start my job today a block from Wall Street. Lovely.

T. W. said...


auntliddy said...

So funny, our fiancial advisor just had a confrence with me and hubby and said market is going to drop, you dont have any money in stock market but when it drops im going to buy you a bunch of great stuff at low price. We were like ok. Lol. ( lest u think its anything fancy, he just manages to limp sum hubs took when retired instead of pension. Most of our communications are more along the " trying to make a dollar out of 99 cents, lol")

Anonymous said...

Everything that happens on Wall Street is well-planned and manipulated months in advance and saying that, Christian, it's funny that you mention this topic, because I just had a flash the other day where I see a lot of wealthy actors losing everything they have in some kind of financial disaster and never recovering from the loss. Do you get anything on that? Thanks.

T. W. said...