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Thursday, October 9, 2014

For God's sake..............


Will someone please step in and get 
Amanda Bynes some proper help.
Before she kills herself, or someone else.
Or both.
She is clearly mentally ill.


T. W. said...

Where are the people that care for her?

Anonymous said...

She was placed in a conservatorship under her parents care. That legal oversight ended and Bynes was no longer forced to live with or comply with their wishes. She's 28, and it is not easy to get a conservatorship for an adult.

Anonymous said...

This is bad. Will she even accept help from anyone now?

Patrick Ganley said...

So, did her dad really molest her? And what about Dan Schneider?

T. W. said...

DListed is reporting she is on a 5150 hold in California.

Anonymous said...

Hey CD what do you think about Brittany Spears old buddy Sam Luffi getting involved with Amanda Bines as Tmz reported in assisting Amanda to the hospital.

Christian Dion said...

More trouble more drama CD

Anonymous said...

Thanks!!!!!! For the insight. ..

T. W. said...

Sam Lufti is a "handler." Amanda is in bad hands and I believe her claims. She may not be getting the best care.