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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Garrn Gone.......


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

For Now.

Leo DiCaprio is said to be dating model 
Toni Garrn.
After they were spotted in Spain.
Well. I hope she isn't expecting
 a Christmas present.......


T. W. said...

Dicatchaho won't settle down ever. He needs to be with Kate Winslet. Oh well, his life.

Anonymous said...

What about Amanda Bynes? Is she going to get worse or better?

Anonymous said...

Is the next young model already in the wings?

Anonymous said...

When will Kate end her current relationship?

Anonymous said...

Good question. She has been married nearly 2 years already!

Anonymous said...

Sources say Leo will take a long break from acting after his current film. Oh no! Why can't he work with Kate again first??!

Anonymous said...

Oh no. Sources tell THR that Leo will take a very long break from acting after his current film.

Anonymous said...

I read that Leo will take a "long, long break from acting soon. Can he not work with Kate again before his break? :-(

Anonymous said...

Mr Dion, it seems that the reports claiming that this couple have split were FALSE. Unfortunately they were seen in NYC just a few days ago looking happy while playing tennis. It is funny that so manu psychic predictions made about Dicaprio rarely come true. It's the same with his pal Winslet. Maybe all the talk of both of them having a bad year romantically was wrong. It is late October already and both are still apparently happy with their respective partners.

Anonymous said...

Yes. I just saw footage of them together a few days ago. No 'Told Ya' after all.