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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Took a bit longer, but NPH is OSCAR host 2015


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Oscar Host 2012 & beyond....

Neil Patrick Harris
Did such a good job hosting the 
" Tony's "
Last Sunday.......
He should  be asked to do the 
 " Oscar's "
Next year.......
Let's pray he accepts.
Even if he appears to be the second choice.


Anonymous said...

What is going to come of Ebola?

Mariefass said...

Love NPH! This man is sooooo talented.Oscars 2015 is looking good. Now if only Amy Adams or Julienne Moore would win an oscar. Sweet!!!!!

Christian Dion said...

It is going to get very bad cd

Anonymous said...

Too bad about Ebola. ..will they find a cure. ...

T. W. said...

Too bad I can't get ABC.

T. W. said...

Did ISIS bring Ebola to the states?

Anonymous said...

WOW you are too incredible CD, NPH is fantastic. He seems like such a great guy,I hope he truly is and that he and David will work out for a very long time?