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Monday, November 10, 2014

Beware the knives.......

UK Labour party leader Ed Miliband.
Needs to really watch his back.
The stuff in the news papers re his demise, 
aren't what he needs to be careful of.
That's the tame stuff.
Wait till the New Year, 
when the real trouble starts.


Mariefass said...

I still think David was the more suitable brother.

Anonymous said...

hi cd. The general election is next year. Can Labour win it..or will we be stuck with the Tories for another 4 years? Tony

Christian Dion said...

Hi Tony only if they get rid of the idiot CD

T. W. said...

Well then …

Anonymous said...

He needs a dog called gromit

Anonymous said...

When Labour alligned journalist's start referring to 'Silly Milly' you know the end is nigh?

CDt is there any end to the suffering in Europe with the Euro in sight? At some point their has to be a change.