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Thursday, November 20, 2014


Kathy Griffin is to replace Joan Rivers,
 on Fashion Police.
A brilliant move by E! TV.
The ratings will go through the roof.
Joan will be pleased.
(Let's hope "They" let her be ? )


T. W. said...

Not surprised.Kathy has a mouth on her.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait - love them both!

Anonymous said...

CD, this is one time I disagree with you. Kathy, started hustling for this job while Joan was still in a coma! When a few people called her out on her behavior - like a reporter from the Daily News and Cindy Adams, Kathy denied what she did. But the fact of the matter was, Kathy petitioned for this job as soon as Joan was in trouble. I find her behavior exceedingly tacky. Look at the interview of Kathy on Larry King ora tv denying hustling for the job ---- she's lying.

Marissa said...

Joan Rivers can never be replaced by anyone ! But I truly love Kathy Griffin and know she will do an amazing job .

Anonymous said...

I don't like her at all. I think she's crude, crass, vulgar and just plain unfunny. She comes off and desperate and thirsty for A-list fame and is just annoying. Strong dislike for this woman here. Even her face is off-putting.

T. W. said...

Ha ha ha …