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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Her Royal Hiredness.....

Well, well NBC has hired Pippa Middleton,
 as an on air personality.
Old Lillibet
isn't going to be too pleased about this.
Pippa may just end up in the Tower.
Mind you NBC will be firing her,
 almost as soon as they hired her.


T. W. said...

Seems like she got the job simply because of who she is. Must be nice, especially in this economy. Good night all.

Anonymous said...

She's cute and her teeth are really white and the Today show keeps on trying to keep up with GMA! They've both become entertainment shows with a little news, weather and alot of advertising for their network's other shows. Hey Christian, will Britney's new boyfriend last awhile?

Anonymous said...

No other relatives of those married to royals is as blatant as the Middletons. It's a turn off.

Anonymous said...

Who cares what Lilibet thinks. Pippa is a much nicer person than the Queen any day. For a start she knows how to crack
a smile! Good for her!