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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Just a point...

So Taylor Swift will receive a special award Sunday in Los Angeles.
It'll be presented to her by no less a Diva then Miss Diana Ross.
I wonder if Miss Ross knows.
What a rude spoilt bitch Taylor is.


Anonymous said...

Well then. .

Yeoman Princess said...

How are all these young folks getting awards so early. Not saying I know much about her, def don't listen to her music. But if they're being so highly celebrated now... what do they have to work (and GIVE BACK TO THE WORLD) towards?! But perhaps I'm wrong on this... and am just old! LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

Whoah! I think I remember a blind item about her - she was at an airport yelling into a cell phone.She was being made fun of in the press because of one too many "PR" relationships and was telling someone to fix it. She's changed her tactic now but it'll be interesting to see what happens next to this fame hungry business woman.

T. W. said...

Can't stand her.

Mariefass said...

Yeoman Princess, I totally agree with you. This is part of the reason Miss Swift and her ilk are so spoilt. These days , they demand an award for just showing up. These so called talents today are entitled, selfish, self-centred. It is not that they are even so much talented sometimes, as they and their PR people are masters of manipulation. A lot of them like Swift are not well educated , but their popularity makes them believe that they know more than others. Take for example Swift who considers herself a feminist. Girl has no idea what that means. Lorde is another who is talented but so arrogant, and condescending. SMH. Maybe, I too am becoming old and crazy, but these kids have been given too much, too soon, and instead of being grateful, and working on their craft, they think at 20, or 22 they know it all. Today, mediocrity is king.

Anonymous said...

I don't see the problem. How can taylor, ariana, gaga or beyonce stay humble and polite when they are gorgeous, talented, rich & powerful? Ppl stalk them, crazies try to break in to their homes, but they still smile and give us great music. Anyone would be stuck up if they were as beautiful and talented as these pop girls!

Anonymous said...

Where are the Joni Mitchells of today?

Yeoman Princess said...

UGH! So true... Mediocrity is King!

Yeoman Princess said...

Or, The Clash... Bob Marley... Carly Simon... to name a few.

Anonymous said...

An award for WHAT? This little girl has only been around for a few years. Diana Ross, on the other hand, is an icon, a true legend. What an insult for The Diva to be handing an award to Swift because it really should be the other way around.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree about lords (and I'm a kiwi-new Zealander)-everytime she speaks it shows her lack of experience and her huge amount of contradiction-yt does she admit she doesn't,t know it all? No, she speaks as if she knows it all, all the while everything coming out of her mouth prooves otherwise. She also expected to win the big award for her 1st album at 16- come on sweetheart that's arrogantly insane-yes she or rather her producer is creatively talented, but personally I have only been able to listen to her songs once before I am over them...? Timeless equals quality for me. Whenever I listen to her music I can't help feeling the energy of a spoilt brat know it all (in her mind) from the north shore (where she's from).

Anonymous said...

Speak for yourself -just because you would, doesn't mean others would. Some of us (shock horror) may have more depth. Don't sell yourself short bud-our true nature IS having more depth...thankfully...

Maureen said...

Taylor does many unseen charity visits and also contributions outside of the sight of the media. I'm inclined to cut her a break. I don't walk in her shoes and am not one to judge. Miss Ross is NOT someone I'd take as an inspiration in life. She doesn't live in reality nor did her rise to fame lie with her talent. She has much to be sorry for.

Anonymous said...

To the 'I am not one to judge' above, too late you just judged Diana Ross. Hehe:-)lol

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Joni Mitchell, she rejected the notion of Taylor Swift playing her in a biopic. Somebody said it perfectly in that Joni Mitchell has got depth like the ocean while Taylor Swift is a just puddle, until the sun comes out drying it up.