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Friday, November 28, 2014

Karma ahead

The most annoying family on TV.
"The Duggars"
I get the feeling,
 that there's something about this lot.
That will be exposed soon.
Which will show them for the hypocrites they are.


Mariefass said...

About time, sometimes I think Christ must cringe when he sees these so called subtle haters/Christians.

T. W. said...

Good. Something about them is not quite right.

Anonymous said...

Are they related and I'm not talking about marriage.

T. W. said...

They do look like siblings.

Yeoman Princess said...

It really is only a matter of time!

Anonymous said...

I pray to God our father in heaven that this photo was taken in the 70's! Teehee.:-) :-)

Anonymous said...

Really? They seem very nice, apart from their beliefs which people don't agree with.

Anonymous said...

No family is perfect and there are cracks in their relationship, like for instance the time they were coming back from Israel and he was not there to PICK her up from the airport. But, if you look at the Duggars, the kids seem to be really happy and well adjusted.

You need to look up the real definition of KARMA, Christian because it's NOT about being PUNISHED, it's about EVOLVING and learning. You just have a "beef" with this family because they removed same-sex-marriage photos from their FACEBOOK page WHICH they are entitled to do in reflection of the life they CHOOSE to live, not the life you CHOOSE for them. Just like you Christian, they are FREE to live the way they want to.

Christian Dion said...

1 No beef
2 nothing to do with photos
3 i know what Karma is

T. W. said...

Something about this family just seems off. Time will tell.

I love you Christian and I thank you for an amazing site!

Anonymous said...

Chris the insult of.FAGGOT comes in partly from ignorant haters like u

Christian Dion said...

I often wonder if people know what faggot means?
So here goes.
1 a bundle of sticks
2 meatballs in gravy
3 a young schoolboy that runs errands.
Etc etc

T. W. said...

I just thought it was a bundle of sticks. I learned something new today.

Haters gonna hate.

Stay well Christian!