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Control Freak.

So the rumour mills are a buzz with the fact that, Kanye "Moron" West.
Has to approve everything his "wife" wears.
Oh my, it's much worse than that.
(mind you it explains the lousy taste)
Pity she doesn't have approval,
 of who he sleeps with.


T. W. said…
You saw that outfit Ricardo made for her when she was still pregnant with North. I wonder how long Ricardo will put up with this.

She looked like a couch. No joke. Why does that baby always look worried? Kanye always looks stupid.
Anonymous said…
Something is really off with him...nutty. ..
Anonymous said…
Dion you know very well that Kim and her family are no angels also. They are very dirty too. They have hurt a lot of people along the way to get where they are and expect for it not to come back them. Please let's not forget who they are. When karma does come to them, their just in complete awww in why are people trying to hurt or come after them. Kim is very fake and physically too.
Maureen said…
He's self destructive. He's scared of a loss of control.
You gotta believe PMK is going to use this in her show. Liook for Poor Little Kim to be a victim again for the sympathy ratings.

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