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Monday, December 22, 2014

Dear, Oh Dear......

So having caved in to that tinpot wanker.
Sony may think that all this trouble will go away.
Look back at what happened.
When Neville Chamberlain caved in to Hitler.
I rest my case.


T. W. said...

Uh oh. More to come from them.

Anonymous said...

CD..was the hacking even done be n. korea? my bet is no.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous hacking collective has already confirmed it wasn't north korea and the USA knows that.

Anonymous said...

Well did north korea do the hacking...or dont you know

Christian Dion said...

Well it wasn't South Korea CD

Anonymous said...

lol Christian :-). What I can't understand, is bless his heart, but James Franco...WTF were you thinking? you must have been completely high (:-) ) to think that making a movie like this about assasinating North Korea guy, would not get a reaction like this from him. I mean the nkorean man is unstable, what on earth did James Franco think was gonna happen? I don't know who is more insane in this case James, or Jim Kon ..(can't remember last bit of name)? lol...But at the same time, on a higher level, the silver lining is we get to see how nasty and backstabbing the echelons of hollywood executives (sony) really are..:-)wonder which actors will ever want to work with them again?...hmmm interesting:-).