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Wednesday, December 10, 2014


The rumour mills are a buzz.
That Derek Hough,
is moving in with Kate Hudson.
Yeah right...
He already has a room mate....


T. W. said...

Liberace had a roommate too.

Anonymous said...

They are both fame whores, she hasnt had any good work in a while so i guess she decided to beard him. She could do so much better tho, why date a Dlister?

Anonymous said...

Well then...

Anonymous said...

Haha I see what you did there.

Anonymous said...

When people do this, do they actually make money? Doesn't it tarnish their career? Or is any news good news?

Christian Dion said...

It's done to keep them in the public eye as the saying goes theres no such thing as bad publicity CD

T. W. said...

; )

Maureen said...

Rumor had him dating Ryan Seacrest with Julianne as a beard. Interesting how all three of them broke up at the same time.

That being said, Derek really is a talented choreographer and both he and his sister are very good Holly weird teachers. In that world they should be highly respected. I think both Julianne and Derek want fame, and are aiming high as being part of a couple garners more attention than a singleton.
Don't discount the fact that several million know Derek from DWTS and when they hear about him dating will have to google Kate Hudson to find out who she is. They will think..oh yeah, Goldie's daughter. I think Kates getting good traction out of this as well, as the previous poster notes, she's more famous recently, not for her work, but for her romantic interests.

Anonymous said...

Is Kylie Jenner pregnant?