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TOLD YA...........Marilyn Monroe not Suicide......
2014 New Year version 2.0CHRISTIAN DIONThe Seer's 2014 PredictionsWere written while stayingByCayuga LakeUpstate New York.Just down the road from the entrance to“The Twilight Zone”.(Completed Dec 29th 2013)
102Marilyn Monroe.Over the next couple of years paperwork/photographs will come to light. That will set the real story of her death straight. She didn’t kill herself.

She's just as BAD....

As you no doubt know.KholeKardashian, will tell anyone & everyone.About her soon to be ex Hubby's Lamar Odom's drugs problem.But she's just as bad.Which makes her a HYPOCRITE.But not to worry all will be revealed, in the divorce court.