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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Child abuse ....

Paris Hilton who had been dating 23-year old model,
River Viiperi.  Now Supertart  Paris Hilton is dating 18-year old Aussie model,
 Jordan Barrett.
I bet his parents are proud.
Mind you they have no need to worry it won't last. Over by Easter.


Anonymous said...

I see Chad Michael Murray and Sarah Roemer have gotten married and are having a child... will they last? He seems to go through a lot of co-stars

T. W. said...

He'll be needing an std test.

Anonymous said...

Anything on Zac Efron? Hes filming movies that look like bombs but his ex Vanessa has got good reviews for the Gigi gig. Also what about Selena gomez?

Anonymous said...

Now there's weird reports about this teenager's parents which might make them a perfect match for however long it lasts!
Christian, will anything come of the deflated footballs and the Patriots big win last weekend (did they cheat)?

Christian Dion said...

Oh they cheated but if they prove it I will be surprised CD

Anonymous said...

Chrisley knows best

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Christian! Something's rotten in Denmark (football land) but it probably won't come out until after the Superbowl. Too much $$$ is involved.