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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Dump her ......

In the crazy world of Hollywierd
this takes the biscuit.
Ian Somerhalder is engaged to tart Nikki Reed.
He needs to get rid of this loser pronto.
Mind you I don't see this getting to the altar.


T. W. said...

Well then ...

Anonymous said...

She is 26 has already been married and divorced and she gets into a new engagement after dating Ian for 6 months? She strikes me like the kind of girl who doesn't learn from mistakes... run Ian, run!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Christian, as far as I remember, they were supposed to split before Christmas. Did something go wrong and change?

Anonymous said...

Wonder what was her connection with Robert Pattinson back in 2008 just before Twilight became massive.

Anonymous said...

Another gold digger. ..getting married near tax time. ...dump her is right

Anonymous said...

I guess something went wrong since they just got engaged, though for Ian's sake I hope they don't make it to the Altar...