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Positive Thoughts For Peace

With all this crap,
 that is going on in the World today.
Let's all send the,
 World Positive Thoughts For Peace.
Regardless of Culture, Faith, Religion or Creed.
We all need to stand together.
Can't do any harm.


Anonymous said…
Well done to the Brave French Police for neutralising these brainwashed idiots today and saving many of the hostages. They are true heroes of the Republic! Je suis Charlie!!
Anonymous said…
How sickening and terrible. As well as prayer, why don't newspapers and radio and television identify these culprits as Jihadist Criminals, instead of terrorists. I feel that these criminals may keep whatever passes for scrapbooks nowadays, serving to get more persons who cannot think for themselves to emulate them. 'Terrorist' , has a certain flair to certain persons.
Similarly, in the United States, using headlines such as Suspected Criminal Shot by Police While Resisting Arrest is less inflammatory than what has been used recently.
Anonymous said…
Well I prayed (which must have completely shocked God given how much I pray) that would be no further lives taken by the two terrorists holed up with a hostage.

I sensed they desired much much worse and even though the news is not great, it's much better that what they wanted. There must have been more like me who prayed in silence for theses events to be over with the least number of lives lost.

Even in the darkest hours small miracles happen,

Je suis Charlie!!

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