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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

SAD, for this they will bring back the Guillotine ....

Monday, December 8, 2014

2015 Predictions

2015 Predictions 
Composed between 
Nov 14th  noon & Dec 1st 7pm 2014
In Hermosa Beach Ca, USA.
Terrible terrorist attacks in..
London (Harrods) 
Paris (Louvre) 
Even Scotland will come under attack.
Granted recently they have caught some of these plots before they could be carried out.
But they sadly can't catch them all.


Maureen said...

You're doing the right thing CD.

T. W. said...

Off with their heads!

Anonymous said...

Completely random and off topic... but just wondering... I know you have talked about aliens being out there before...not sure if you talked about anything else... But I was reading about them finding some planets... almost earth like... maybe inhabitable... or someday could be... Do you think there are other planets out there that are already inhabited? Will we inhabit another planet?

Anonymous said...

CD - Marine Le Pen has announced she'd like to bring back the death penaly via a referendum, I suspect that if you're seeing the return of "madame la guillotine" you're also seeing her as French President.

nawel m said...

OMG I work in Harrods, when do you think it's gonna happens? I'm so scared now

T. W. said...

I have said a prayer for you.