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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

We knew over two years ago,......


Friday, December 21, 2012

2013 PREDICTIONS......

Christian Dion The Seer’s 2013 Predictions
Completed Dec 19th 2012

64                  The NFL will be exposed in a corruption the scale of which has never been seen before in 2013. Many heads will fall. In the end changing the NFL forever.


T. W. said...

Each team brings its own balls. The league is asking for cheaters.

MadrasGypsy said...

The thing is, it can benefit the other side, too. By making it easier to make an interception, which is what happened on Sunday.

MadrasGypsy said...

Can you do a post on Keanu Reeves? I'm curious about when and if he will marry? Have a child?
Love your blog and thanks!

Anonymous said...

The REFS touched the ball on each play...and they WOULD KNOW !! SO, were they cheating too?!

T. W. said...

Maybe some of the balls were deflated so as not to arouse suspicion.

Anonymous said...

Who will win the superbowl?

Anonymous said...

Somebody's gonna squeal!

Maureen said...

This must be the tip of the iceberg then. I don't think under inflated footballs are going to bring down the NFL. If this is to happen, then this scandal is going to have to be a part of many other things. First domestic violence then under inflated footballs, dangerous concussions for the players and ongoing issues with drugs, what's up next? Game fixing perhaps to bring in more money from the bigger markets? Just speculating here.

melmomma6 said...

Christian, who truly deflated the footballs?