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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Balls, Balls & more Balls ...

DWTS season 20 have signed up Micheal Sam.
A stroke of genius.
Now I'm not sensing he'll win.
BUT, he will win the PR dream.
This is going to out him back front & centre.
This will get some NFL team,
 to grow some balls and hire him.


Anonymous said...

He's not that goosd That's why he doesn't have a job. People should stop saying it's because of his orientation. Talent depends on the person not whether he/she likes men/women.

Anonymous said...

What do you see for the future of Naya Rivera marriage now that she's expecting ?

Christian Dion said...

Bullshit he is that good it's only because he told the truth he was treated the way he was. Clearly the NFL is a homophobic set of morons CD

Anonymous said...

He's a very brave young man and I wish him the best!

Anonymous said...

CD, what outcome do you foresee for the Jodi Arias trial now that it has gone to deliberations? Thank you!

T. W. said...

I hope Michael can live his dream of playing in the NFL. Shame on homophobes.

Anonymous said...

So sorry CD, This guy CAN NOT play football! You must have never watched him try and play..has nothing to do with HIS SEXUALITY... none of us could give a DAM ABOUT THAT!!!!

Anonymous said...

This guy is not a good football player you have to be good to make it. No need to play the gay card. It's very hard to make it in the NFL.. It's not a gay thing..