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WTF ! Remember the 1930's ?

So as the Germans & The French,
 go to Russia.
 To grovel at the feet of Dictator Putin.
Meanwhile he's stacking up tanks and weapons,
 to completely invade Ukraine.
Even more that he has there already.
It's time to take him out.
Or we will see a state of war.
That will make WW11.
Look like a kiddies tea party.


T. W. said…
Oh no!

We have forgotten our history.
Anonymous said…
Yikes!!!! This is horrible.
Anonymous said…
How take him out?
Anonymous said…
Why is Obama arming the Ukranians - neither Russia and Ukraine should be trusted - we should keep out of this Mess of a conflict.
Putin is nearly as mad as John McCain
Anonymous said…
Giving the weapon means that conflict will be longer and it will be more damage,in the end Ukraine won't join UE because the country will be ruined by war so they end up as part of Russia.And Russia has enough money to handle all Ukraine?They have to have $mld to handle aneccted Crimea.

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