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Monday, March 30, 2015

Dating ? Is that what it's called these days .

So it appears that,
 Diva Mariah Carey & Director Brett Ratner,
are dating.
Well, that's not what I would call it.
Plus, he's a nasty piece of work, 
this is going to back fire so badly for her.
She also needs to stop hitting the bottle.
Which is partly to blame,
 for all this reckless behaviour.
Mind you he's just as bad.
P.S. He likes to direct/produce more than movies for the big screen.
I smell a call to Vivid Entertainment,
 in the near future.


T. W. said...

Oh no!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Poor mariah!!! when will she catch a break from these men???

Anonymous said...

CD Rob is supposedly in Miami to shoot a movie this summer. There were sightings Of him there yesterday. Will twigs go with him or will he be alone now? PR over yet?

Anonymous said...

According to a tweet from yesterday he's still in LA.I hope it's not over,they look great as a couple.

Anonymous said...

Oh really? The tweet I saw said he was at ultra. Could've been a fake sighting then. CD said it was PR. I just wanted him to say if when Rob goes to Miami if she will go with him. CD can you say if she will?

Anonymous said...

Yes please??????????

Anonymous said...

Hey CD will Mirah get mixed up in some type of scandal or will it be another pr fake mess?

Anonymous said...

According to the fans the tweet seems to be legit,so Rob is still in LA.I don't know for sure if/when Rob is going to film his new movie.FKA Twigs will be at Coachella.

Anonymous said...

Yea CD can you shed some light if the PR is over yet? Will he find true love this year or next? Can u say anything about it?