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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Don't think so, he's already got someone ....

Well, well the rumour mills,
 would have you believe that 
Jennifer Lawrence & Bradley Cooper.
Are dating....

Ha Ha Ha Ha.



T. W. said...

Yeah, I'm not buying it either. It is nice to know he has someone and is not alone.

Anonymous said...

I think Jennifer is very loyal to her friends. They were so good together in Silver Linings Playlist!

Anonymous said...

I loved them in Silver Linings Playbook. CD is it possible for two people who have never met before in their lives be connected to each other in their dreams?

Christian Dion said...

When you dream you are in that place between here and he other side, a place for Soulmates to meet more often then people realise CD

Anonymous said...

Is she dating that musician Chris Martin?Christian said they would be a good couple but they are not seen together.

Anonymous said...

Are alot of these so called relationships just fo r fun?

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, I didn't know that. CD Thank you so much once again. A "friend" of mine claims that he's a psychic and that he's had this ability for a while and that he inherited it from his grandmother, he also told me that I'm supposed to meet the guy that I've been having the dreams about in about three more months and that peope think that he's a freak. Is he lying?

Anonymous said...

Thats true about dreaming about someone you like because we have dreamed about each other

Anonymous said...

He just broke up with Suki Waterhouse a couple days ago. He has someone else already? Dang.

Anonymous said...

Cd, if when dreaming we are between worlds then where are we when we have out of body experiences?