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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

God, I needed a laugh today, here it is HA HA HA LOL..

So Ryan "Mr Showbiz" Seacrest,
 is dating yet another blonde.
This one is called Renee Hall a "model" surprise.
Whom he met at his 40th birthday 
( is Mum must be frantic) 
party recently.
The difference this one has an 8yr old son.
Erm ....
Hope she isn't expecting a nice day out,
 on the 4th of July.


T. W. said...

He needs to live his truth.

Anonymous said...

Ready made family, perfect for him to keep up appearances. Just another hollyweird PR scam. Now can we please see an end to the RPattz and Twiggs "love" tour, I would love to see his ass get to a movie set.

Anonymous said...

lmao at both things here!

Anonymous said...

She probably won't make until the 4th! Good one dating a single mom

Anonymous said...

CD said he wouldn't do any more RPattz readings. Stop asking!

Anonymous said...

Rob already worked on set in February,he has a supporting role in Childhood of a Leader.He made another photoshoot for Dior Homme.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha is right. ....another fake relationship

Anonymous said...

Whats better than a beard...a hot beard. Hope he is not into son. Christian?!

Christian Dion said...

I wasn't implying anything to do with the Son. Other than this is a change of tactic to make RS to look like a family man CD