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Good for her ..

Well, well, well, so HRH Kate, 
has started to not allow dopey HRH Charles.
To see his Grandson, her Son too much.
Well done Kate.
It's about time he got to get some Karma return.
Who can blame her.
It's not like he treated, 
George's Grandma Diana very well.
Plus whyt should George,
 be subjected to that
Rockwieller drunk Camilla.
George is much better off,
 spending as much time with her side.
As does HRH William.
NORMAL people (ish).


auntliddy said…
See, now CD , from reading this someone might get the impression yiu dont care for Camilla, lol
Anonymous said…
Normal people (ish) - funny! Maybe Prince Charlie and Grammy Cam can babysit "Royalty" - Chris Brown's newest baby...
Anonymous said…
she's a bad person haha don't let her fool you.
Anonymous said…
Enough of that bunch of misfits now.
Maureen said…
Diana was not a good fit for Charles. The Prince's Trust does a lot of good, so I cut Charles a lot of slack. He was not raised to be normal but he did a good job with his boys. I don't think Camilla is evil. Diana has a lot to answer for as well. I think some people will never forgive him for making St. Diana cry. I think the fact that she was on the outs with everyone but Jane in her family when she died and she couldn't keep staff says a lot about her character. She had flaws too and her marriage was ill considered. He couldn't be what she wanted and she made him pay. Of course he returned the favor and she continually upped the ante. Her collaboration on Morton's book was just spiteful and not totally accurate. Her performance in airing her dirty laundry in the interview was painful to watch. I can't blame Charles for everything. Some things she brought on herself. I see I'm the minority here though. I do have to admire her for teaching Charles et al that underestimating her was a great mistake. Taking on The Establishment and winning the popularity war was a great victory.
Anonymous said…
Wow Maureen.....are you off-base. Who cares if Di wasn't a good fit for Charles....that doesn't make it right that he cheated with the vile bag of pus he is now attached too. That's a laugh that Charles did a good job with the boys...puleassssssee. That was Diane's doing not cold fish Charles, she is the one that raised them through their formative years so get off of it! Way to go blaming the victim that was the loving and caring Princess. Jealous much.....???? Get a life!!

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