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Thursday, March 12, 2015

I wonder ???

I hope Teressa Giudice.
Isn't able to read my blog in "Clinky" Ha Ha.
If she can I can confirm that her,
 Felon, Conman, Scumbag, Arsehole "Husband".
Is spending more time drinking & cheating on her.
Than caring for her daughters.
Mind you that's no surprise.
I predicted way before she went up river.
That he won't go to prison.
When she gets out.
He'll just do a runner.
How? well for along time he's been playing squirrel with "Funds".
Off shore.
Going to be fun, I think.
To watch this drama play out.
I wonder if Andy Cohen knows, ermm .


Anonymous said...

Wow. The awful truth is even worse than what's been shown on TV.

T. W. said...

This is reality.

Anonymous said...

The Housewives Shows are like a cross between a Dynasty catfight and an explosive National Enquirer article brought to life. I'd love to see Andy take it to the next level and testify in court.

Anonymous said...

Hey CD what do you see for Sherri Shepherd? Will she win or lose her case

Anonymous said...

Hey CD do you see Teressa finding someone when she is free from jail. Will she be ok on her own? She has alot of kids to support?