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Monday, March 9, 2015

In real danger do striking Midnight


T. W. said...
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T. W. said...

Yes. We are very close. Let's see what happens with Israel. If certain prophecies come to pass this year they might as well set the clock to midnight.

Anonymous said...

Sadly this is true,so many pots on the boil.Hard to know which will boil over first.Maybe this has to happen as the powers that be are so entrenched the earth needs a radical cleaning.Poor mother earth but the infestation has to go.Their greed will be their undoing,shame alot of good souls have to go thru this as well.

Anonymous said...

One of the most powerful things you CAN do, is grow heritage plants, flowers, and vege (these are seeds that have never been genetically modified), seek them out - as most stores and plant stores/nurseries are grown from gm seed. there are lots of heritage plant groups out there, this helps the bees and insects so much as their immune systems don't get fucked around with by the gm. and make sure every food choice you make f**** counts!:-) support the companies that dont use chemicals, gases, toxins and all the other crap in the growing and harvesting of our foods. none of us have a right to complain if we keep supporting processed foods and companies that treat the earth like shit. For a while there i was making hardly any money, but even then i tried to choose natural/spray free ethical company foods and stuff. so if i can do it on hardly any money, anyone can. ps - it ends up being cheaper i realised, because you actually end up eating the stuff you buy because it's real food, tastes better and more nutrients. Better yet grow your own, so much tastier.