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So Good Old "Auntie" BBC Television.
Have fired Top Host Jeremy Clarkson.
For hitting a producer.
But, it won't keep this scumbag, moron, humourless idiot off,
  TV Screens Of the World.
Some dick in charge will offer him,
 enough money to fund a small country, 
to reappear.
So make use of his absence on your telly, well.
As he'll be BACK, sadly ..


Anonymous said…
I'll tell you what could take OUT a small country...his ego...:-) glad other people see him like I do.
Anonymous said…
Hi Christian. Hope you are well. I hope you don't mind me asking but how is it looking for Tom Hardy this year. Is he in for a good one or is it going to start taking its toll. Just seen a trailer for his new film Child 44 and it looks really good. Mad Max I'm not so sure of. What do you foresee for him?
Sorry for going off topic.
A xxx

Anonymous said…
I hope karma's gonna come back and bite him right in the ass. Thank you for your advice the other day.
Anonymous said…
The guy is a Pratt but a rich and popular Pratt. Top gear is better with him in it.
T. W. said…
Thank you for this post.

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