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TOLD YA...Lies beginning to be exposed ...

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Monster, Moron & Idiot ...

Does Pres."Monster"Putin, really think.
That the World is buying, the "SUSPECTS".
That he and his cronies are parading to the media.
Are the killers of Boris Nemstov.
It's like a bad melodrama from Victorian times.
He should remember what happened in his country.
To those that were in charge in those times.
Not pleasant.
Maybe he think he's Rasputin, incarnate?.
What a tragic end he came to.
Erm ....


Anonymous said…
Christian I was the anonymous in the last board that asked about timing and how to listen & be silent. I just wanted to ask one more thing. I have used my whole self to come to this outcome of knowing the path I'm on is the correct one. Although different and away from where I'll receive my destiny but I'm certain it's all ok. Anyways my heart and gut feeling has lead me this way and I met a guy through mutual friends, who I felt such a strong spirit connection to. It was unexplainable. I was just wondering if I could be the one for him? He has been through a lot as have I and we connected strongly. It's crazy the signs that's brought me to him but I know he's the one I just needed some reassurance. Sorry for the long post and thank you!
T. W. said…
Will Putin still get away with it?
Christian Dion said…
You didn't include a private email form me to respond CD

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