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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Trouble ahead ...

Since the birth of her daughter River Rose, her first child with husband Brandon Blackstock.
Kelly Clarkson has entered even deeper,
 into  the weirdness of her world.
It's not to do with the child,
 or post natal depression.
It's to do with the cheating wanker of a husband.
She's in for a rough time ahead.
But, she'll be the stronger for it in the end.


Patrick Ganley said...

So how is the Hilary Clinton email thing gonna go down?

Christian Dion said...

It's just the GOP BS it will go nowhere, if this is all they can dig up God help them CD

T. W. said...

Ha ha ha ....

T. W. said...

Kelly needs to take her baby and dump her husband. He won't stop cheating.

Anonymous said...

So she knows now or is about to find out? I think she is so talented and down to earth. I hope she has a great lawyer!

Anonymous said...

She needs to run like hell out of that one

Anonymous said...

That baby of hers is so cute. Chubbs.