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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Bad Weather ahead .....

Unless you have been living under a rock.

You know that this weekend, in Lost Wages.

Floyd Mayweather Jnr v Manny Pacquiao.

The above happens .....yawn.

As you may have guessed I don't give a damn.
Nor am I a betting Man.
But, I get the feeling that the Karma Goddess.
Maybe, just flying in to pay a visit.
Mr Mayweather............
Certainly has earned his fair share of negative ones...
Just saying.


T. W. said...

Uh oh.

sweetforty's said...

Hi CD, do you think pacquiao will win the fight?

sweetforty's said...

Hi CD, do you think manny pacquiao will the fight? Thanks

sweetforty's said...

Hi CD, who will win this big fight on saturday

T. W. said...

Radio host Tom Joyner said Mayweather will win. He is a jinx, so my money would be on Manny if I had any to bet.

T. W. said...

It looks like Floyd won. He has never lost a match, so he should quit while he is ahead. Expect a rematch.

Anonymous said...

I love Mayweather and he won.. Hard work dedication all day every day!! I'm so happy yesssssssss
The money team the best ever!!! Guy works hard train hard.. Haaaaaaaa yesssss

Anonymous said...

Nice and sunny today!!
It's May weather