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1 Question $20 USD
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6 Questions $80 USD
8 Questions $100 USD
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Friday, April 3, 2015

Easter Egg Special ..... the best less fattening gift ...

As an Easter gift.
Here's a special offer.

Normally an email reading is follows.

Reading via Email.

Simply send your 3 questions,
along with a photo of the person requiring the reading.
To cdreadings@aol.com.
$50.00 USD
Payment by paypal to cdreadings@aol.com.
(paypal.com explains how to send payment).
Readings done within 48hrs approx 

But for Good Friday.
Easter Saturday
Easter Sunday
Easter Monday

I am offering 6 questions for $50 .
You have to have,
 your reading request & payment.
In by Midnight Monday April 6th 2015.
PT time.


Anonymous said...

Sharing this with friends already! Thank you Christian and Happy Easter!

Anonymous said...

Rats, i wish i could have had money....

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter! CD I totally would but I don't have the money.But next time I will and trust me it's going to happen ;) I got two readings today and they both said I'm going to meet my soulmate soon in about four more months in July. What do you think Christian? I know you told me that I would meet the one this year.

T. W. said...

Get your reading!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

I just took up this offer and emailed questions after payment went through...thank you, happy easter!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for making your readings affordable, Christian. You are very accurate and encouraging!