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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

I try not to LAUGH ....

Eye Dr & wannabe President of USA.
Rand Paul....
He's announced that he's running for pressie.
More like a stroll in the backwoods
How sweet.
The ego of some people...


Anonymous said...

Hillary the old girl will not win.Only males are allowed at bohemian grove,on less your working in a servant capacity that's different.If your not at the dice and no president will you be.Sorry rules are rules

T. W. said...

It looks like Hillary will run. Friends, Christian said she will win if she does.

auntliddy said...

Hillary will run and win.

Patrick Ganley said...

Not only does Christian say she'll win, but so do Cheryl Lynn and the Jamison Twins.

Anonymous said...

Hillary is going to kick his ass if she decides to run. CD I dreamt about Rob last night and he said that he was sorry for getting engaged to Twigs, ended it and wanted someone back. What does this mean?

Anonymous said...

There are no rules against females running/winning office, dumbass.

Anonymous said...

If Hilary Benghazi Clinton or Jeb warmonger bush win america is going to continue to wage countless wars around the world. America makes so much money out of wars! They sell arms and get oil in return.

thewingswhisper said...

They are referring to the "secret society" of the ones who actually decide the world leaders. No matter. Supposed leaders are only their puppets to further their agenda. Whatever that may be.

Anonymous said...

I love my country..!! USA USA ...

Anonymous said...

All these politicians want a promotion.

Anonymous said...

I am personally sick of people claiming that Hillary is a war monger. The lamest excuse given is that she voted for the Iraq war.....uh yeah, dopes, after the CIA LIED to everyone and fixed the intelligence. So did a lot of people. Very lame excuse to make that stick. The ones sucking on the sour grapes can't help but obsessively bring her up because they know she is going to win. Jealousy is very ugly. The point of this post is that Rand Paul is a moron who shouldn't be trusted as dog catcher, let alone president. Wow.....