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May I introduce you to a "HYPOCRITE"

So this is San Francisco's Archbishop Salvatore J. Cordileone.
Looks kind of harmless don't you think?
Well, not really.
See he's in charge of schools.
He wants to make all his teachers.
Ministers, that's a bad thing you say.
By doing so it would remove the protection.
That they presently have of their union.
So, he would then be able to fire them, on moral  grounds for being GAY.
OK, I know we heard this before,
from this lot.
It get worse.
He also states.
"That Gay couples who have or adopt children, are Non HUMAN".
He also wants to control the lives of his teacher/ministers.
Outside of school.
Saying that they can't masturbate, or the will be fired.
Mind you how he would know, leaves a bit to the imagination.
Plus there's much more.
Remember this is in San Fransisco.
I think we need to let him know.
That we are in the 21st century.
Not the dark ages.
Here's his contact info.

One Peter Yorke  Way
San Fransisco.
Ca. 94109
Tel (415) 614 5500
Fax (415) 614 5555

Have fun...
P.S If you have pics of 
God Old "Sally Baby"
being naughty...
send to
I will post them.


T. W. said…
You are doing humanity a service! Somebody PLEASE have a naughty pic to post.
T. W. said…
I sent the email to them. Gays ARE human. God made them, they are people. God bless the gays.
Anonymous said…
This is the 21st century.Has the Catholic church ever NOT been corrupt?
Anonymous said…
Way to go CD!! I am so tired of hypocrites! Like it says in the bible… Love thy neighbor. It doesn't give rules or regulations on what type of neighbor…. Just love thy neighbor. People need to be a true christian not a false one.
Anonymous said…
T. W. said…
Somebody PLEASE have a naughty pic to post.

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