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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Not really gossip, but .

So, as though I need to appear any nuttier than I already am, ha ha.
I had the oddest "DREAM" last night.
Not really asleep, not really awake, 
you know that place.
When I was outside here in cuckoo land.
I look up, and there are hundreds of UFO's.
In ever colour you can imagine, and then some.
I got the feeling that something,
 quite spectacular is about to take place.
Which will have an effect,
 on the World for along time to come.
Upsetting at first, then........
Well let's just wait and see.


Patrick Ganley said...


MadrasGypsy said...

Cool! People are upset by anything that is outside of their own theory and or religious beliefs.

T. W. said...

Good news!

Anonymous said...

So long as they don't worsen the gloom n doom, they're welcome too

Anonymous said...

I hope they're friendly!

cosmickittycreates said...

Ive had a dream like this years ago..all sorts of colors and shapes..it was great! Finally some good news..im looking forward to some excitement

auntliddy said...

If thry are here to help, we sure need it! Peace and welcome, i say.

Anonymous said...

I had the same dream,It looked like a armada arrived.Just like you said all shapes, colors and sizes.I too am concerned about public reaction,well we will see... one day it will all be history.

Anonymous said...

how exciting :D

Anonymous said...

May it not be the Cybermen.

Anonymous said...

cant come soon enough quite frankly, go the bro's in space!:-)

Anonymous said...

I recorded this: ... https://m.flickr.com/#/photos/develynquinn/16904681550/ ..... was too good to pass up, so as soon as I got out of the car I got the camera :) drawn to it. Alienship Clouds