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Sunday, April 26, 2015


So a friend of mine Belle Salisbury, 
who has a Radio Show.
Has asked me to appear on her show.
(She should know better)
 this Wednesday April 29th.
At the above link details there.
The call In number is
718 664 9091

Show Starts 7pm ET 
4pm PT
I'll be on for the full 90 mins.
Unless the CIA throw me off.


Anonymous said...

Just read it :) ... on my Instagram bio I use emoji diamonds because I thought it felt solid. But as your friends puts it, its full soul quality :D nice to know ^_^ xoxo

Anonymous said...

Awesome, hope i can get a question in! :Love you CD!

Anonymous said...

Dang it CD lol... I wouldn't know what to ask if I got the chance to speak with you >_< I don't wanna feel like I wasted a question. Any advice how to narrow it down or focus it more. I feel like I know what I want to ask but don't know if I'm asking the right questions for myself or my path.

Alex Collins said...

Looking forward to it marked it on my calendar already!

T. W. said...

Unfortunately I will be out at that time and will miss the show. I am sure it will be great!

T. W. said...

Easy. Just ask him, "what do you see for me?"

T. W. said...

I saw your pictures on the Belle Spirit site. You are nice to look at. God bless you and have a good time on your show!

Christian Dion said...

TW you can catch it the archives later the same site CD

Anonymous said...

Lol thanks T.W. this is what I totally meant when certain things don't click right away for me. Lol so simple *ugh hahaha thanks again, God Bless <3

T. W. said...

I know how you feel. You are welcome and I thank you for your blessing.

T. W. said...

This is good news. Thank you!

Roxanne said...

Great show!! I've missed hearing your voice on the radio. I didn't get to ask you about my favorite celebrity, maybe next time.

Anonymous said...

Hi CD I enjoyed your appearance on the talk show very much and you're always such a pleasure to hear and talk too. I was laughing throughout the whole thing and couldn't help but smile and laugh when you said "Twigs whatever her name is."