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Wrong choice ...

So Kim Richards of RHOBH "Fame".
Went to talk to Dr Phil.
About her problems.
In order to save her "career"
Since when did being a spoilt rich bitch, 
constitute being a career?
Oh Well.
She needs to see a real Dr.
To save her life
Or she'll need a mortician.


T. W. said…
I hope she gets the message.
E. said…
Hi Christian,

I don't know if you remember me, but a few weeks ago I wrote to you inquiring about a new job and possible romance. Well, I did receive a job offer and at a very lucrative company, but no romance yet. But I really think I'm going like it there!

Yesterday was my 35th birthday. While I feel happy and blessed to spend it with my family, I felt a sense of a slight sadness and a bit overwhelmed all day and i didn't know why. It was snowy and rainy all day, off and on. I was also alone half the day. It was just a really weird day in a sense. I'm worried that the rest of the year will be like this. Christian, I know and understand you don't do free readings, and I know for your god given gift you shouldn't, but...please, can you please tell me if I will have a good year??? I'm really worried.

Again, I know and understand you don't do free readings, but, I think you're such an amazing psychic, and you always give the best advice. I would be so grateful if you can help me concerning this matter. Thank you!

Love and light,

Christian Dion said…
Happy Birthday
Well done
T. W. said…
Hi E! I remember your original post and I am happy you found a job and am pleased you will have a good year. Stay blessed!
E. said…
Thank you! ♥♥♥

Love and light
Anonymous said…
Hi CD, certain things aren't obvious to me, which doesn't click right away for me. Is that a good thing or bad thing for people in general? What does that imply? It's been that way always. Like a personality trait. Anyone is welcome to reply. This doesn't really need a psychic answer I know the rules for a reading lol. Did you ever go to that weho member party, that kim wanted to be a part of? Lol xoxo
T. W. said…
I think i know how you feel. I think it is sometimes good and sometimes bad. You might be innocent to the ways of the world.

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