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2 DAYS IN A ROW ....

So here's another Jackson item Prince Jackson, 18, was spotted leaving,
 a dodgy massage parlor in L.A. 
with his 14-year-old cousin, Jermajesty.
Now I am sure it wasn't for backache either.
These kids are completely out of control.
Once the rouble starts,
 it will be like a stack of dominoes.
Hope the bought the plots,
 around their Dads resting place already.


T. W. said…
These kids are out of control. I am sorry it could lead to their deaths.
T. W. said…
Hi Christian. A while back you predicted trouble for the Duggar family. DListed and In Touch Weekly are saying Jim Bob and Michelle's son Josh molested five girls. Some of the girls were his own sisters. The parents and the church knew about it.
Anonymous said…

They are young, gullible and have no one looking out for them. It would be very easy for all of them to have "accidents". Michael's gravy train would then go back to his siblings and dad.
Maureen said…
I don't think MJ would have done a will that did not exclude his father from his money. Bet it all goes to the mother with specific instructions. He wasn't blind to what could happen. Bet the kids don't come into major money until they are older.
Anonymous said…
Hey CD you were right about the Duggars it's all slowly coming out.

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