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Memorial Day Email Reading offer ....

So here's how it works.

          So from 12.01am Friday May 22nd to Midnight Monday 25th 2015.

 A double the deal offer.

Normally a 3 question email reading is $50USD.

FOR this period  ONLY
Christian will answer 6 questions for $50USD.

Your Reading Request must be received before 
Midnight May 25th 2015  Pacific Coast Time USA


You send your 6 questions along,
with a recent head & shoulders photo.

You send your $50
USD payment via paypal.
(They walk you through the process).

Now you could get together with a friend,
send 3 questions each.
But remember to send a photo of both of you.
Stating who's who.
You could even have three of you send 2 questions each.
You get the idea.

We can only take payment via 
Payment in advance only.

Readings will be answered in strict order received.

Readings recieved after Midnight May 25th 2015  
Pacific Coast Time USA.
Will have only the first 3 questions answered 


Anonymous said…
Yippee - CD sharing his gift of Seer - I have faith that it's for understanding and wisdom and gifted for the purpose of love and light no matter if the answers/messages are hard to receive emotionally - life is for bringing in the light you need for "YOU/ME...US". Thank you CD for your service, you are an earth angel, I know you get criticisms for what is your "normal" and this is the counterbalance to say many of us listen because there is so much healing in your work to be found by anyone who opens up their limitations - to connect upwards. Your presence helps towards that. xxX

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