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Thursday, May 21, 2015

MJ turning in his grave ...

Michael Jackson's 17-year-old daughter Paris Jackson, is engaged. 
To her 18-year-old boyfriend, Chester Castellaw.
 An upcoming soccer player.
This isn't good.
Who the Hell is watching these kids.
This won't end prettily, that's for sure.


Anonymous said...

Whats going on with Fifth Harmony things are looking a bit shaky for them right now

Anonymous said...

Paris is such a beautiful young lady & has been through a lot in her young life. But from what you see CD, I pray she doesn't turn suicidal or gets mistreated from this young bf.

T. W. said...

I fear for her and her brothers.

Anonymous said...

Do you feel something up for CA..what about this upcoming earthquake? Why don't you just tell us why? Calif be safe. Why don't we have better warnings?!

Anonymous said...

what abut a earthquake in ca? how close is it?

Anonymous said...

Hi Christian. Is it true that Johnny Depp and his new wife are having problems? How do you see that turning out?

Anonymous said...

Christian,what about Brad Pitt being bisexual and renting boys via websites?Star magazine wrote an article about it.

Anonymous said...

Will they actually make it to the altar?

Anonymous said...

Christian, what are your thoughts on the child abuse allegations surrounding the oldest Duggar son?

neils rosenbeck said...

They killed M.J. hence the time delay of his death and M.D. arrest.Really look at the photo,duh set up... one more for the box if not careful.I'd say more but than I don't have to.You live in California C.D. keep your eyes on the ocean but you'll need to look almost straight up.Big a wall of water coming,scary part is many besides myself reporting this coming..just a heads up