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Friday, May 1, 2015

More to come, I'm afraid.

So the divorce between,
 Rosie O"Donnell & Michelle Rounds.
Is getting nasty, nothing new there.
So Rosie has issues, true, 
of which she has always been painfully honest.
Unlike some I could name.
So even though she has issues.
Rosie will win out.
Just wait and see......


Anonymous said...

Good for Rosie!

Anonymous said...

hi CD what's going on with Brad Pitt. he appeared in public with a bruise on his face and his explanation wasn't believable to most people. some said it his wife Angelina Jolie who beat him up.



T. W. said...

I wish Rosie well.

Anonymous said...

Well Brad Pitt could have been drunk and walked into the wall. Or like every other couple, it's more to the story than obvious :) I'm not a psychic though lol. Hahaha hi CD. Don't know what to say about Rosie but its good shes a great parent and a realistic one at that.. I guess? Lol. All the best =)

Anonymous said...

I agree, CD. This "Rounds" woman really sideswiped Rosie, of all people...not easy to do, but Ms Rounds is bad news indeed.