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Monday, May 25, 2015

Small package, big ego.

There are two things Comic/Actor Kevin Hart, needs to get in check.
His EGO.
As well as the people he trust.
Some one is telling tails.
It's going to get ugly, as well as embarrassing.
Oh Well.


T. W. said...

He is not funny to me.

NicQuerica said...

I don't find him funny, either. He's irritating.

Anonymous said...

I do think he's funny but maybe his recent successes have gone to his head...

Anonymous said...

The Wedding Ringer had me dying though. Hadn't laughed that hard in awhile. Cast was great =D Ego always gets in the way. Hope it's not too embarrassing. Humor is different for everyone just like movies and food. Some people like coffee Some people like tea. And me? I love Orange Juice hahaaa. What can ya do? Lol

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOD CD I JUST READ THE BLOG TITLE... "Small Package" Big Ego Lmao!!! All I saw was Kevin's Photo so I just clicked it I didn't even notice the title you put... Lol xoxo CD