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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

So sad .....

Believe it or not.
This is the same person.
Namely an actor called Jonathan Rhys Meyers.
A sad sight for sure.
He'll be lucky to see Christmas.
If he doesn't get help.
NOW ...


T. W. said...

I am watching this now on Entertainment Tonight. I pray he gets the help he needs.

Anonymous said...

OMG the poor guy. I love him as an actor. I hope he gets help and back on track.

Anonymous said...

Dear God he needs help!

Artur said...

he's always been a special one for me...

Anonymous said...

I just read on another celeb psychic board that rob will end up in the media for bad health that could lead to death. Is that true christian? I thought he was taking care of himself. I would hate to think that's true. :(

Anonymous said...

Such a talent. He was brilliant as Henry the 8th..

Anonymous said...

Gosh how life can get devastating, so sorry to know he is so low. I hope he has friends and family to lean on. So sad for him. I find him deeply talented as a charismatic actor.

Anonymous said...

I'm scared for him. This is his low point and he seems so alone.