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Monday, May 11, 2015

The perils of channel surfing .....

Last night I was trying to find something,
 to watch on the "Telly".
When I stumbled upon an episode of RHOA.
UGH ....
As I was watching up popped Porsha Williams.
WTF .....
She's off the rails.
Plus I see bad times ahead for her.


Anonymous said...

Heard she's doing a sex tape and it's going around heard it's pretty NASTY. Wants to be a star. FAME. Shame she's very fun from what I seen on the episodes RHOA

T. W. said...

She brought it upon herself. And you ate right, that showhas gone downhill.

Anonymous said...

This thing is as dumb as dirt. ZERO intelligence. She is not a very nice person. I cant wait to watch this unfold. She is also evil. She will get hers. I cannot wait. BAD TIMES ARE COMING!! CD is 100 right on this one. Bell is a tolling... @porsha4real