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Friday, May 22, 2015

TOLD YA, Karma's a Bitch, but more to come ..

Friday, November 28, 2014

Karma ahead

The most annoying family on TV.
"The Duggars"
I get the feeling,
 that there's something about this lot.
That will be exposed soon.
Which will show them for the hypocrites they are.


Anonymous said...

Boy were you 100% on this one. Yikes! The girls can't wear pants or kiss their own finance - but the son can molest his sisters (one article said it was 4 of his sisters according to the police report) and that is fine. Disgusting.

Maureen said...

Well- if you were a parent and had a lot to lose when your kid confessed to this, then a few years later you had so much more to lose in terms of image and speaking engagements not to mention the folks looking to you on your very successful TV show, I'm sure you'd be tempted to keep it in the family. They probably considered it to be not a problem when he got married because now he had a real woman to take care of his sexual needs.

I also find it ironic that Mama June is going to file a lawsuit against TLC if they don't cancel the Duggars show like hers got cancelled for sexual abuse.

T. W. said...

That show needs to be cancelled. Josh was more concerned about himself than his victims.

Anonymous said...

There must be more victims. ..seems too clean cut

Anonymous said...

Montel Williams slams Josh Duggar as a 'slimebag' @DailyMailCeleb

T. W. said...

Oprah's people contacted authorities in 2006. Mama June has a point. A known pedophile was a paid cast member of the Duggar show. TLC had to know. I hope these people go down in flames. Perverts.

Anonymous said...

This show needs some Real Housewives and Madea to come over and clean house. Break furniture, smash glasses and basically whup this sorry excuse of a man's ass and his sick son too.

Anonymous said...

CD are more victims going to come forward? Or is that it? I was always had a feeling there was something wrong with this family.

Christian Dion said...

OH YES ....... plus alot more alligations CD

Anonymous said...

Karma is coming.....someone is going to put this one

Maureen said...

Once the ball starts rolling it takes on a life of its own. I would not be surprised if the father had allegations against him. His associates are whacko. One of his pastor buddies of a mega church has had tons of sexual harassment allegations against him that were hush up and the victims were blamed as the church had a lot to lose. He's saying he's forgiven now but I bet he's still up to his old tricks. A lot of Duggars Defenders are saying they are being persecuted for being Christian. Well that's original. I hope the hypocrites go down in flames. I'm surprised they aren't blaming the daughters. Oh wait...the daughters made TLC the most money.

Anonymous said...

Oooooo this is gonna be fun >:) I've always not liked them.