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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

TOLD YA A Moron ....


Thursday, February 26, 2015

It's going to get alot worse, he he

Faux News anchor and moron, Bill O'Rielly.
Thinks he's made of teflon.
Well, he's not.
 I know, that I have said this before.
You won't believe what/who the next round,
of soon to exposed lies involve.
But he'll be gone soon.
Brian Williams must be loving this.


Maureen said...

I will be glad, but he brings in a lot of publicity for Fox. He's going to have to do something especially heinous to get himself fired from that station. I don't think anything short of murder or abusing boys will get him off the air. Certainly not something as unimportant (to Fox) as domestic violence. After all everyone knows he has a temper and his wife should have known not to anger him (again, in the view of Fox, and many others)

T. W. said...

I can't wait for him to go. Hopefully the Kartrashians are next.

Anonymous said...

Boy you're accurate, Christian. How do you deal with seeing some of this stuff?

Anonymous said...

Nice to see he's alive and well. Lol

Christian Dion said...

It's my normal CD

Anonymous said...

CD Can you give us an update on when The kartrashians
per TW (lol) will go?? Please I heard someone created an app that blocks them from your phone. Any info but I cant find it. Now its Bruce it just never ends. I cant hide I cant even go on yahoo home page without seeing them daily. When please I cant take it LOL
Ok thanks for the venting opportunity.
BTW O'reilly is going he just denied that he didnt beat his wife or something like that.. not too sure on the details.