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Friday, May 29, 2015

Well, for now ...

As it appears that,
 Taylor Swift is dating Calvin Harris.
Not that it's going to last.
She'll be bored with him soon enough.
He'd be best to just dump her.


T. W. said...

She needs to live her truth.

Anonymous said...

Taylor will hang him out to dry as soon as she wrings out a few songs about him.

Anonymous said...

Cute wardrobe. The fact that she's tall, makes flirty and frilly as well. Nude pumps great choice. Xoxo CD

NicQuerica said...

Yes! Ol' girl ain't fooling nobody. We know what's up and it's got NOTHING to do with guys.

Formula For Fabulous said...

I like Taylor a lot because I never hear of her getting DUIS or nonsense. She makes money from writing about her love life; so do what works girl. She's the one making so much money and is successful whether people love or hate her; so she may be doing something right.

I love her style and how she dresses correctly for her body and isn't naked all the time. I hope she finds love but I think she's hurt because a lot of people use her for fame I feel.

T. W. said...

: )